The Irish Rising : " A Terrible Beauty is Born. / State Library Victoria / by patrick rodriguez

"The 1916 Irish Rising was a six-day uprising in Dublin that marked a pivotal moment in the Irish struggle for independence from Great Britain.

The far-reaching repercussions of the Easter Rising, including its impact on the Irish diaspora and its effect on Australia during a time of war, were explored in this partnership between State Library Victoria and the University of Melbourne to commemorate the centenary of the Rising."

This free exhibition includes rare artefacts and materials from the Library's collection, and is complemented by a host of free programs including guided tours, illuminating discussions and curator presentations.

Works include a 1917 reprint of the proclamation of Irish independence; a first edition of WB Yeats’ influential poem ‘Easter 1916’; handcuffs worn by Edmond McGrath, an Irish independence activist imprisoned in England; and footage of the 1920 St Patrick’s Day parade in Melbourne where 100,000 Australians demonstrated their support for Irish independence.

The 'Irish Rising' display and its associated programs are  part of Ireland's official 2016 centenary program

17 March to 31 July 2016

Blue Rotunda, Cowen Gallery, State Library Victoria.

Curated by: Dr Anna Welch.