"Uneducated" / Counihan Gallery in Brunswick / by rophoto

Uneducated presents artworks and projects that are sociological and educational in nature. The exhibit showcases ‘active’ forms of education that are expressed through the arts in the mediums of photography, video, installation, painting and socially-engaged arts. Each work explores ideas of society, knowledge and institutional learning and stimulates us to consider our role as spectators. The exhibition reflects an ‘educational turn’ in contemporary art discussions, revealing how Australian artists are responding to this — contrasting recent works with historic examples from Europe. A series of talks will address the definition of the ‘educational turn’ and the Australian context, using local and international examples in contemporary art writing, curatorship and philosophy. Dan Arps | Simon & Tom Bloor (U.K) | Lane Cormick | DAMP | Emily Floyd | Nathan Gray | Dr Peter Hill | Annabelle Kingston | Anastasia Klose | Annette Krauss (N.L) | Room 13 (U.K) | Kym Maxwell | Sean Peoples | Nick Selenitsch | Antonia Sellbach | Peter Tyndall

Curated by Kym Maxwell

5 September to 5 October 2014 Opening: Thursday 4 September, 6 - 8 pm