"Pin Drop" by Tamara Saulwick Malthhouse Theatre / by rophoto

I had the pleasure of photographing "Pin Drop", an amazing show by Melbourne artist Tamara Saulwick. "Pin Drop sharpens the senses to a razor's edge" A sudden noise that wakes you in the night. A shadowy movement glimpsed down a darkened alley. The sensation that there might be someone in the room with you. Waiting. Pin Drop explores the most private of experiences - fear. Tapping into primal urges and subconscious anxieties, creator and performer Tamara Saulwick has crafted an immersive audio-sensory experience drawing on a series of interviews with people aged six to 92. Live voice mingles with the disembodied sounds of prerecorded conversations; household objects are transformed into potential threats. The most familiar of spaces become strange, as the mind plots only the shortest route to a safe place to hide.

Created and Performed by Tamara Saulwick, www.tamarasaulwick.com Composer & Sound Designer Peter Knight Movement Michelle Heaven Set & Lighting Designers Bluebottle - Ben Cobham & Frog Peck Costume Designer Harriet Oxley

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